Vastu analysis is the science of nature and human existence. It blesses the cosmic ENVELOPE to dwellings, where all energies dance rhythmically to tune human consciousness to Bliss, Happiness and Abundance. It takes care of Solar thermal radiation, balanced electromagnetic flux & protection against the ill-effects of imbalanced gravitational forces in co-relation to organics of human enclave.

We are the people of profound study of comprehensive laws of 'YOGSHASTRA ', covering rules of ASTROLOGY, root level understanding of SCIENCE and above all applied and practical engineering minds. We have worked for many industrial structures, luxurious bungalows and commercial premises, with a great success leading to Blissful living spaces. Could we do something to your outer space and inner spaces to create Rythm and Harmony on the basis of 'YOGSHASTRA', 'ASTROLOGY', 'SCIENCE'and 'VASTUSHASTRA'!

Mega Planners- Founded by Dr. Narendra Hari Sahasrabuddhe, M.E.(I.I.S.C) F.I.V., MINSA, who is also been conferred with the honors of - 'VASTU VIDYA VACHASPATI MAHA-MAHOPADHYAY, VASTU SAMARAT'!



Qualification: M.E. In Civil and Structural Engineering From Indian Institute of Sciences (I.I.Sc) Bangalore Fellow of Institute of Valuers (F.I.V.) Member of Indian National Science Academy (MINSA)

Books Written by DR. N .H. Sahasrabuddhe

Vastu Shiv Vigyaan
Vastu Maha Vigyaan
Vastu Rahasay
Sahastra Mahavastu
Vastu Darshan
Vastu Jotiyish
Vastu Plot Sanskruti
Vastu Rahasya
Vastu Shiv Vidnhyan
Vastu Shiv Vigyaan
Vastu Maha Vigyaan
Vastu Rahasay
Vastu Shiv Vidnyan
Vastu Vichar
Feng Shui – Upaay : Saaddhna : Siddhi
Secrets of Vastu Shastra
Cosmic Science of Vaastu
Cosmic Science Of Vastu
Mystic Science of Vastu
Secrets Of Vastu
Remediat Vaastu For Shops
Remediat Vaastu For Homes
Handbook of Vastu Shastra
Facity Wactpa
  • Honours:

    Ph.D in Vaastushatra

    Vaastu Vidya Vachaspati

    Maha Mahopadhaya

    Vaastu Samrat

    Vaastu Vid Mani

    Vaastu Ratna

  • Expereince:

    Practicing as a structural engineer for last 36+ years.

    Practicing as a vaastu-expert for last 22+ years.

    Practicing as a Chorted Valuer for last 30+ years.

  • Publications:

    In Marathi

    Vaastu-Shiv Vidnyana, Vaastu Mahavidnyana

    In English

    Hand Book Of Vastu, Mystic Science of Vaastu, Feng Shui: Upay-Sadhana-Sidhdi, Cosmic Science of Vaastu (Sterling Publication, Delhi), Secrets of Vaastushastra (Sterling Publications, Delhi)

  • Proposed Publications:

    In Marathi

    Vaastu Vistar, Vaastu Vichar, Vastu-Shastra, Vaastu Jyotisha

    In English

    Business Vastu, Secrets of Feng-shui, Journal Of Vastu-Interiors, Vaastu Mahavidnyana Ten Comandments Of Vastu-Shastra

    In Hindi

    Vaastu Rahasya

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Years of Expertise

10 Lac +


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Client Cases

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Books Published

400 +

Courses Globally

15000 +

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